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nearshore our Kwan Tips 3

Get to know our Kwan Tips and implement them in your project.

Whether you are a company with a large number of staff or you are starting a software project, these tips will help you have better control of your development and offer your customers a great experience:

    • Generate a Knowledge Base: having a knowledge base will improve the flow of customer service, solving basic questions and offering easily accessible guides to users, this will reduce support requests and offer the customer an additional way to solve your doubts.
    • Use a Version Control system: multiple changes and modifications to the code are constantly made in a development, having a correct version control will allow us to go back in time and know specifically what change in the code with each version.
    • Design an easy and clear user interface: the main user of the system, website, app or any platform, is the user, if we do not have an easy and clear interface, no matter how good the system is, it will not be used , we must offer the user an easy way to consult the information.
nearshore Kwan Tips 2

These 3 tips will allow you to improve and offer added value to your project, sign up to receive more news about our next Kwan Tips, we’ll see you soon!

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