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We can help in your software development

We create platforms to fit your goals with a diversity of technologies and high-performance professionals, improving your systems and optimizing your resources.
kwan nearshore innovation
kwan nearshore innovation
kwan nearshore techonology

This is how we can make your projects work:


We help you to determine the needs and aims your new platform must fulfill.


We generate a process of definition of resources and project architecture.


We offer a detailed proposal for development, execution times, and associated resources.


We present the first prototype of the platform for testing and verification.


We modify, test, and optimize. We will accompany you until the project is 100% approved.
nearshore development jobs
nearshore development jobs

This is what I need

Hiring a nearshore service in Mexico

This allows you to increase the competitiveness of your company, optimize resources, and work more efficiently.
nearshore benefits

Increase competitiveness

Reduce costs.

Recruit high-performance talents.

Access candidates from a wide range of frameworks and technologies.

nearshore benefits

Greater proximity

Greater cultural affinity.

A time zone that allows for true collaborative work.

More accessible and shorter trips.

nearshore benefits in mexico


Access to capabilities without needing to take care of benefits.

Motivated professionals, with above-market conditions.

No administrative management.

With daily supervision by Kwan experts.

nearshore services staffing engineer
nearshore services staffing mexico

We are your strategic partner for all technological platforms.

Our engineers and developers are permanently updating their capabilities. This allows us to create platforms to fit all types of challenges.

We have experience and we are fast, no matter the challenge, we are very secure, tested and we have the best maintenance.

We transform industries:

Meet your software goals, add high quality talent closer to you.

nearshore company mexico

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    contact nearshore mexico 6
    contact nearshore mexico

    Does it resonate with you? We are looking for you

    Give a boost to your career and be part of our great team of developers.

    Turn your job into a day-to-day passion with the best benefits.
    developers job nearshore
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