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Kwan Nearshore Company

Top Notch Talent

Kwan is a nearshore company with 10+ years Silicon Valley experience that recruits and provides high-performance engineers from Mexico and Latin America.

Kwan Nearshore Company
Nearshore Company mexico
We have more than 70 developers in our ranks, with a staff in constant growth thanks to our exhaustive and efficient recruiting system.

We continually seek the best developers in different cutting-edge technologies

We Hire Provide Are Top Notch Talent.

Meet your software goals, add high quality talent closer to you.

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Who We Are

Top Notch Team

Daniel Castañeda CEO kwan

Daniel Castañeda

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Earned a B.S. in Information Technology from Anahuac’s Mayab University and then coursed an MS in Computer Graphics and Visualization Techniques at UC Davis. Has 15+ years of experience in high level Software Development working with international companies such as IBM, Siemens, Progress Software and TIBCO Software, as well as 10+ years of Business experience. Currently he is the Founder & CEO at Kwan Tecnologia.

Leticia Molina CFO Kwan

Leticia Molina

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Founder & CFO at Kwan Tecnologia, has 10+ years of experience in banking and Finance Directive levels for Scotiabank and HSBC; she has overseen business investments at regional levels for over 20 branches and now directs Kwan Tecnologia finances.

Alejandro Fuentes COO kwan

Alejandro Fuentes

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Kwan's Business Mentor and COO, Alejandro has 20 plus yrs experience in leading business and managing technical teams for critical real-time application development, remote processing, on several fields including business centers, automated environments, and networking. A couple of those are a global airplane parts manufacturer and a Mexican govern-ment-certified business (PAC) for stamping over fifteen thousand electronic documents per second.

Astrid Briceño TAM kwan

Astrid Briceño

Talent Acquisition Management
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Graduated in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Mathematics, UADY, and graduated with a Bachelor of Administration from UNID. Responsible for finding, recruiting, hiring – and retaining – talented candidates. She is in charge of planning, developing, and implementing an effective Talent Acquisition strategy for the organization. Among her many talents, she excels at reviewing a large number of resumes and evaluates technical knowledge in search of top engineers that match our clients needs.

Melissa González Business Development

Melissa González

Business Development
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Graduated in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Mathematics, UADY She is in charge of searching for and identifying business opportunities that can help the company's national and international expansion. She is in charge of forging business relationships to help meet business objectives. She has experience as a Scrum Master and Project Manager working with US companies coordinating software teams and understanding the needs of managers, which has allowed the development of new goals for our company.


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