with a High Skilled, Low Cost, Same Timezone, Nearshore Software Development Team We provide Mexico-Based Software Developers, QA Engineers, UX Designers and Support personnel to US companies


Kwan provides high performance software engineers from Mexico and Latin America. We focus on nearshore outsourcing and software projects. As of august 2019, our team is composed with more than 70 top software developers working from Merida, MX. We have 7 active customers with a total of 14 teams.


  • We recruit for you and find the best suitable talent. We will:
    • Find and pre-filter the candidates to ensure they are suitable
    • Obtain the English resume for the candidates
    • Arrange for you to interview them (optional)
    • Hire, provision and get your Mexico Nearshore Team started in no time
  • US Central Timezone ensures efficiency and no hidden costs
  • Cultural affinity with the US
  • Affordable and quick travel time
    • 2-6 hrs total flight time to most US destinations
  • Very affordable rates
  • We do all administrative management, you just provide tasks management
  • CEO Daniel Castaneda oversees the operation daily
    • 20+ yrs of software experience
    • 7 yrs the US & Silicon Valley experience


Web FrontEnd Development

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Bootstrap

BackEnd Development

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Mongo DB
  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, C#, .Net
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSQL

Mobile & Development

  • Android Native
  • iOS Native
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Flutter

QA, Tech Support, DevOps, UX/UI

  • Gulp, Jasmine, Mocha, Protractor, Selenium
  • AWS, Firebase, Docker
  • Adobe, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, MarvelApp


"KWAN's developers are readily available, very responsive, knowledgeable or seek to deeply learn what's required, and most importantly deliver great reusable and modern code!"

Eddie Galvez, TIBCO Software Inc.

"First KWAN helped us move our development from China to Mexico, mostly for the reasons for IP protection. And then, because of the strength of the core team that KWAN provided, I felt confident to have our core platform services along with our application stack being built by them."

Sanjay Dayal, CTO, Agralogics Inc.

"I am very happy with our Kwan team, the engineers are talented and knowledgeable, but more importantly they have the right attitude"

Pundalik Kudapkar, CTO, NeuHope Inc.

To request portfolio please send an email to:

"Earned a B.S. in Information Technology from Anahuac’s Mayab University and then coursed an MS in Computer Graphics and Visualization Techniques at UC Davis. Has 15+ years of experience in high level Software Development working with international companies such as IBM, Siemens, Progress Software and TIBCO Software, as well as 10+ years of Business experience. Currently he is the Founder & CEO at Kwan Tecnologia."

Daniel Castaneda

"Founder & CFO at Kwan Tecnologia, has 10+ years of experience in banking and Finance Directive levels for Scotiabank and HSBC; she has overseen business investments at regional levels for over 20 branches and now directs Kwan Tecnologia finances"

Leticia Molina

"Kwan's Business Mentor and COO, Alejandro has 20 plus yrs experience in leading business and managing technical teams for critical real-time application development, remote processing, on several fields including business centers, automated environments, and networking. A couple of those are a global airplane parts manufacturer and a Mexican government-certified business (PAC) for stamping over fifteen thousand electronic documents per second."

Alejandro Fuentes

"Team player and focused on results, Antonio has experience working for companies in Tech, retail and Digital Marketing with a focus on problem solving and creating value. Earned a B.A. in International Trade at UADY with foreing studies at HFT Stuttgart, Germany and UFOP, Ouro Preto, Brazil. Business Management and development, client service and strategy are key roles to achieve the goals you are looking for."

Antonio Lara
Business Development

You provide us the profiles of the Software Engineers you are looking to hire. We do the recruitment for you and provide suitable Engineers, who then integrate full time to your team from our offices in Merida, Mexico. You work with our Engineers as you do with other members of your team, and we manage all payroll & office and invoice you a fixed price at the end of every month.

  • Most secure Urban City in Mexico and largest in Southern Mexico
  • Population: 1 million
  • Good Infrastructure: Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, High-Speed Internet, etc...
  • Many Good Universities
  • International Airport: MID
    • Direct flights to/from: Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Mexico City
  • US Central Timezone
  • Supportive Government
    • See additional document on Merida

We work mostly on fixed monthly rates for dedicated resources. Engineer’s USD per month ranges are based mostly on skill and experience. Please contact us for full our complete rate sheet and details at:

  • 40 hour weeks (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm CST)
  • All Mexican Holidays
  • 10 day vacation per year
  • Maximum of 5 sick days per year