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new mobile search experience

Google introduces the continuous ‘scroll’ in the search results in the web version.

Google is deploying the so-called ‘continuous scroll’ in its web version, which collects search results from the next six pages of the search engine and loads automatically, instead of having to go to a new page.

The company modified its browser’s mobile navigation last October, when it introduced this same feature, which prevents users from having to manually scroll to consecutive pages.

Then, Google commented that it had redesigned its search engine results page in an attempt to make it “more fluid and intuitive”, as it commented on its official blog.

New mobile search experience

Google initially introduced this “new mobile search experience” for most English-language searches in the United States and has recently brought this option to browsing on its web version.

new mobile search experience 2

As reported by 9to5Google, currently the default web search format is 10 links, although up to 100 results per page can be modified. This, in turn, slows down the performance of the browser.

Users will be able to view up to six pages of results.

However, Google has indicated that users will now be able to see “up to six pages of results” once they reach the bottom of a page during search.

As in the mobile version, this scrolling or ‘continuous scrolling’ will first reach Google Search on its desktop version in English in the United States. At the moment, it is unknown if it will extend this option to other countries.

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